What Can't You Do with the iPad/iPod Touch in the Classroom?

Go to box.net

Create a new account or sign into an existing account.

Create a folder named Documents or Something Else

Then on your iPad, open up a presentation in Keynote, Pages, or Numbers. Click on the wrench in the upper-right hand corner and choose Copy to WebDAV. It will then ask you to link your account. You only have to do this once.

https://www.box.net/dav//CedarRidge  (note that it should look just like this except CedarRidge will be replaced with the name of the folder you created)
Username – E-mail Address
Password – Password

In Keynote, you have the option to copy your presentation in Keynote, PDF, or PowerPoint.

In Pages, you have the option to copy your document in Pages, PDF or Word.

In Numbers, you have the option to copy your spreadsheet in Numbers, PDF, or Excel.


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