What Can't You Do with the iPad/iPod Touch in the Classroom?

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iPad Tips and Tricks

This is one of the best apps for learning how to use the iPad.

Thoughts on Flash

Reasons why Steve Jobs didn’t use Flash.

Convert Webpages to ePUB

Click here to learn how to convert any webpage to an ePub.

What is Augmented Reality?

Click here to see an example in action.

Another fun example.

Twenty of the top augmented reality business cards.

Favorite Blog

Kidblog.org is built by teachers, for teachers, so students can get the most out of the blogging process.

Kidblog meets the need for a safe and simple blogging platform suitable for elementary and middle school students. Most importantly, Kidblog allows teachers to monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blogging community.

If you’ve tried (perhaps with limited success) other blogging platforms like Blogger, Edublogs, or WordPress.com, you’ll notice the Kidblog difference immediately!

Click here to create your class for free.

Device Management

Here are directions to update the iOS on multiple devices. Once you are updated to iOS 5, you then have the option to update the iOS without hooking up to a computer.

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